The movie begins with an intense surgery done to Siva (Atharvaa), as doctors think that it is the only way out to rectify his facial deformities. Siva's face is swapped with that of Sakthi's (Atharvaa). Siva, who gets a new lease of life, plans to start a business to take care of his family. Little did he know that he has to face several issues in the coming days. After getting attacked by some strangers a couple of times, Siva realizes that someone is after his life. He sets out to Trichy with his friend Gopal (Sathish) and girlfriend Gee Gee (Megha Akash) to know Sakthi's whereabouts. They meet Maya (Indhuja Ravichandran), who narrates Sakthi's life to them and tells them why some people are after Siva.

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